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Flood Damage

Are you experiencing a flood in your home? We will come right away. We will remove the water and repair your property. Call us today.

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Water Damage Restoration Houston TX Experts

Water damage can result at any time in Houston, Texas. While the 4th largest city in the nation, Houston’s sewage and drainage systems simply pale in comparison to other leading cities. The city is also synonymous with flash-floods that have caused millions in damages to residential and commercial properties. As your water extraction specialists, we have the tools and expertise to tackle all types of water damage for properties. With years of extensive industry experience, our water damage and restoration services continue to receive stellar reviews and ratings from our customers.

Water Damage Restoration – The Process

Whether for emergency or recurring floods, our highly certified team has the experience to get your properties back in working order. This includes timely analysis and assessments of the problem at hand, while our plumbing experts pinpoint the origin of the leaks. Once the leaks have been tackled and resolved, we work diligently to replace any piping or plumbing units – this is done in conjunction with your home insurance coverage. We also pump the water out using industrial strength vacuums. This guarantees professional water removal from floors, tiles, crawlspaces, basements, and even crevices. Your furniture and personal belongings will be safely moved to our warehouses for immediate cleaning and restoration. As always, we provide new and existing clients with checklists to ensure all items and furniture are accounted for during transport to our facility.

Flood Damage Repair

Water damage restoration also includes replacing Sheetrock and other affected areas. Our experts network with contractors that provide these services within time and budget. We can even connect home and business owners to our painting team for repainting or touch-up jobs. All water that is vacuumed out is disposed of in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner. We also remove water form baseboards, along with furnishing, fixtures, and any other areas that were affected by the flood. Whether for homes, offices, warehouses, or industrial venues – we provide services for a variety of sturctures with expert flood damage repair. Our water removal experts explain each facet of the process to customers – which gives them peace of mind while we work to restore their properties to new.

Water Removal Services

As a vital part of water removal services, we also check for mold spores in affected areas. If mold is spotted, our remediation experts will target these areas with innovative equipment and cutting-edge technologies. With water damage services, all clients are assured:Timely assessment of all water damages stemming from floods, broken pipes, or busted water mains.

  • Steam-cleaning of carpets – rugs – furniture at our warehouse. Repair or replace wall fixtures, Sheetrock, tiles, and other damaged areas.
  • Repainting of walls – removal of water from basements, attics, crawlspaces, and all bottom or top rooms and closets.
  • Safe transport of all items for tagging, cleaning, and return.
  • Mold detection and remediation – piping and plumbing unit replacements – pipe and seal repairs.
  • Complete water damage restoration for residential, commercial, and industrial properties – Home insurance coverage and all paperwork done by us.

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